Is Apple Store Open On Christmas Eve 2023? Apple Christmas Day Hours

Planning to buy an Apple iPhone on Christmas? Is Apple Open Christmas Eve? You may have plans to purchase the latest iPhone model or Macbook on Christmas. But, the major thing you need to find out is whether Apple Store is open or not on this special occasion. We can find a plethora of Apple stores in the United States across various locations. During Christmas Eve, Apple rolls out great deals on its products. It’s the perfect time to buy your favorite Apple product on Christmas Eve. Before that, try to find out the Apple Store Christmas Eve Hours so that you can plan your visit to the nearest outlet in your location. Here is the complete information about the business hours of the Apple Store on Christmas. Have a look!

Is Apple Store Open On Christmas Eve And Day?

Is the Apple Store Open On Christmas? Apple Store is a globally popular chain of retail stores headquartered in Cupertino, California, United States. Apple Incorporation operates all its Apple Stores across the United States. Steve Jobs is the founder of Apple Company. Apple Store was established in 2001 in Tysons, Virginia, United States. Apple Store has expanded its network throughout the US by setting up more than 521 stores. Among them, 272 are located in the US while the remaining stores are set up overseas.

Apple Store is quite popular for selling a wide array of Apple products such as Mac PCs, iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, Apple TVs, and a lot more. Mostly, people are obsessed with Apple products for their high-end technology features, specifications, and quality. Apple is one of the fastest-growing retailers in the world and turned out to become the major competitor of popular smartphone companies.

During Christmas Eve, Apple Store rolls out exclusive deals and offers on its products. People rush out to the stores to grab great deals on their favorite Apple products, especially during Christmas. But, Are Apple Stores Open On Christmas Day? Well, Apple Stores will remain closed on Christmas Day. But, the good news is that the Apple Stores will be open on Christmas Eve i.e., on December 24, 2023. 

Apple Christmas Eve Hours 2023

Exploring Apple Christmas Hours? On Christmas Eve, Apple Stores will operate with limited business hours. On regular days, Apple Store will open its outlets at 10:00 AM and closes by 09:00 PM i.e., from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday, Apple Store will operate its business between 12:00 PM and 07:00 PM. To celebrate Christmas Eve, Apple diminishes its store hours and closes its outlets a little early. 

As per the latest information, Apple Store Christmas Eve Hours will be between 08:00 AM and 06:00 PM. However, we advise all the Apple product lovers out there to visit the nearest Apple Store only for confirming the store hours on Christmas Eve. Just give a call to the corresponding store executives to verify the Apple Store Christmas Hours. 

Apple Christmas Day Hours

Is Apple Open On Christmas? Sadly, Apple Stores will remain closed on Christmas Day i.e., on December 25, 2023. In general, Apple stores will remain closed on special days such as Easter, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Following the same, Apple Stores will shut its doors on Christmas Day. It permits all its employees to enjoy the holiday and celebrate the occasion with their friends and family. As the store remains closed on Christmas Day, there’s no need to find out the Apple Store Christmas Day Hours

Final Words

That’s all! This is everything you need to know about the Apple Store Christmas Eve Hours. We hope that this article has helped you in figuring out the operational status of the Apple Store on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Do you still have any queries? If so, let us know in the comments space. Stay in touch with our website SalesHours.Net for more articles related to the working hours of prevalent retail stores, pharmacy outlets, restaurants, etc.

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