Is Domino’s Open On Christmas Eve 2023? Domino’s Christmas Day Hours

Are you a Domino’s Pizza lover? If you’re a regular customer of Domino’s, you may have special holiday plans to visit the nearest store on Christmas Eve. For most Americans, Christmas and Pizza are favorable things. Americans and Pizza have a great bonding with one another. All those pizza adorers out there will eat pizza any time of the day. Even on Christmas, people wish to enjoy a special Domino’s Pizza. But, Is Domino’s Open On Christmas Eve? You may have exceptional Christmas Eve celebration ideas on Christmas Eve and Day. If you’re planning to visit Domino’s with your family members to enjoy a tasty snack on Christmas, you need to figure out the Dominos Christmas Eve Hours. We have provided a detailed guide about the Dominos Christmas Hours in this article. Have a glimpse!

Is Domino’s Open On Christmas Eve And Day?

Want to enjoy a special Domino’s Pizza on Christmas? Is Dominos Open On Christmas? Domino’s is a popular multinational pizza restaurant chain in the United States headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The world’s largest Pizza store, Domino’s was founded in 1960 in Ypsilanti, Michigan, US. For more than 61 years, Domino’s has been serving its customers a wide variety of pizzas across 83 countries globally. Domino’s has set up more than 17000 restaurant branches across the world since its establishment. 

Chicken wings, Pizza, Pasta, Dessert, sandwiches, etc., are a wide variety of scrumptious snacks and food items available at different Domino’s stores across the world. Apart from the United States, Domino’s Pizza has stores in several other countries that include India, the United Kingdom, and more. When it comes to Christmas celebrations, Pizza is the perfect snack. You can visit the nearest Domino’s outlet to enjoy a traditional Christmas dinner with your friends and family members. 

Is Dominos Open On Christmas Day? No, Domino’s will be closed on Christmas Day i.e., on December 25, 2023. Well, the great news is Domino’s will remain open on Christmas Eve i.e., on 24th December 2023. You’re lucky enough as Domino’s will be operating on Christmas Eve but with varied operating hours. As Christmas is one of the biggest occasions all over the world, Domino’s will provide a holiday to its employees on Christmas Day. Moreover, the customers can enjoy eating traditional Christmas dishes such as turkey, ham, and others with their beloved ones on Christmas. Go through the Dominos Christmas Hours as mentioned below in this post.

Domino’s Christmas Eve Hours 2023

Exploring the Dominos Christmas Eve Hours? One of Domino’s representatives has announced that the restaurant will remain open on Christmas Eve i.e., on 24th December 2023. On regular days, Domino’s operates its restaurant outlets from 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM or 01:00 AM. On Christmas Eve, Domino’s will operate with reduced business hours. Each store’s timings will vary depending on the location. Hence, we advise all the frequent visitors of Domino’s to confirm with the store executives regarding the Dominos Christmas Eve Hours before hitting the outlet. 

Domino’s Christmas Day Hours

Exploring the Domino’s Christmas Day Hours? If so, you’re in the right place! On Christmas Day, i.e., on 25th December 2023, Domino’s will remain open at select locations. As most restaurant outlets of Domino’s are independently owned, the corresponding owners have a choice of deciding whether to open the restaurant on Christmas Day or not. Christmas is a busy day so most Domino’s outlets across the United States tend to open and operate the store with special holiday hours. 

Speaking about the Dominos Christmas Hours, Domino’s will operate with varied business hours depending on the location of the restaurant. Considering the business, local communities and the store teams of each store, Domino’s Christmas Day Hours will rely on. Few of the restaurant branches will operate at normal hours and some others will have limited business hours. Some of the Domino’s restaurants may remain closed for Christmas Day. It would be better to contact the corresponding local store representatives beforehand to evade last-minute disappointment. 


That’s all! This is all you need to understand about the Dominos Christmas Eve Hours. Hopefully, this article has given adequate information about Dominos Christmas Hours across different locations in the United States. Do you have any doubts about this topic? If so, let us know in the comments section. Visit our website for more related articles on sales information on popular restaurants, retail companies, pharmacies, and more.

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