Is Golden Corral Open On Christmas Eve 2023? Golden Corral Christmas Day Hours

Looking for an endless buffet on Christmas? If so, Golden Corral is a perfect restaurant in the United States. While everyone is deeply indulged in Christmas preparations, decorating homes with Christmas trees, and more, you may be yearning for Golden Corral’s special buffet. Is Golden Corral Open On Christmas Eve? It’s the most important thing that all the food adorers must find out before visiting the restaurant. Whether you’re craving meatloaf or pot roast at the Golden Corral restaurants, Christmas Eve is the right time. During festive occasions, Golden Corral comes with exceptional buffet items that include a wide variety of sides and desserts as well. Just go through the Golden Corral Christmas Hours furnished below so that you won’t miss a single dish on Christmas. Have a glance!

Is Golden Corral Open On Christmas Eve And Day?

Is Golden Corral Open On Christmas? Golden Corral is one of the prominent restaurant chains in the United States that serves a wide variety of buffet dishes and grill items to its customers. This privately held firm has its headquarters in the US City of Raleigh, North Carolina. Golden Corral was founded in the year 1973. For more than 49 years, Goldern Corral has been serving its customers’ exceptional food items. As of now, Golden Corral has set up more than 397 restaurant outlets across different states of the US.

Golden Corral Christmas Hours
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From tasty breakfast to spicy dinners, healthy to yummy, Golden Corral has everything that a foodie explores on Christmas or any other special occasion. With several signature dishes in lunch, breakfast, and dinner buffets, Golden Corral makes everyone uncontrollable in their food habits. Fried Chicken, featured Pork Entree, Meatloaf, a wide variety of pizzas, golden delicious shrimp, and a lot more are the favorite dishes of Golden Corral customers.

If you’re planning to enjoy a Christmas special buffet with family members, you must go through some vital information. The first and foremost thing that you need to find out is: ‘Is Golden Corral Open on Christmas Day 2023?’ Well, it’s a partial ‘Yes’. On Christmas Day, the restaurant outlets of Golden Corral in select locations will remain open. On Christmas Eve i.e., on December 24, 2023, Golden Corral will operate as usual across all its restaurant locations. 

Golden Corral Christmas Eve Hours 2023

Want to know the Golden Corral Christmas Eve Hours? If you’re anxious to find out the working hours of Golden Corral on Christmas then, you’re in the right place. On regular days i.e., from Monday to Thursday, Golden Corral restaurants runs its outlets from 11:00 AM to 08:00 PM. On all Fridays, Golden Corral will operate between 11:00 AM and 09:00 PM. 

On Saturday and Sunday, the restaurant hours will be from 08:00 AM to 09:00 PM and 08:00 AM to 08:30 PM respectively. On Christmas Eve, Golden Corral will operate with slightly reduced hours. Golden Corral Christmas Hours will be from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM. However, sometimes, these timings may vary depending on the location. Hence, we advise all the visitors to find out the precise restaurant timings on Christmas Eve before hitting the outlet. 

Golden Corral Christmas Day Hours

Wondering what is the Golden Corral Christmas Day Hours? The opening time of the restaurant will be at 07:00 PM and closes by 10:00 PM on Christmas Day. However, these timings will be into effect only in the majority of Golden Corral restaurant locations. This year, Christmas Day i.e., December 25, 2023, falls on Monday. Gather all your family members at one place and drive to the nearest Golden Corral restaurant to enjoy a special family buffet on Christmas Day. However, make sure that the Golden Corral restaurant outlet in your location is open on Christmas Day by calling the concerned authorities for confirmation. 


That’s it! This is everything you need to understand about the Golden Corral Christmas Eve Hours. Through this guide, we have mentioned the precise answer to your question ‘Is Golden Corral Open On Christmas Eve?’ For more doubts or queries, ask us in the comments space. Stay tuned to our website SalesHours for more articles related to the business hours of popular restaurants, retail outlets, hotels, resorts, and more.

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