Is Kroger Open On Christmas Eve 2023? Kroger Christmas Day Hours

Busy with Christmas Eve preparations? As Christmas is arriving pretty soon, everyone is extremely indulged in their festive arrangements like decorating the home, purchasing outfits, piling up with essential groceries, and more. If you are looking forward to buying party supplies and other required products for Christmas Eve, you can head out to Kroger. Is Kroger Open On Christmas Eve? People might be wondering whether Kroger remains closed or open on special occasions. Whether you want to buy some 11th-hour groceries or memorable gifts for your loved ones for Christmas Eve 2023, Kroger is the right place. What if the store is closed on Christmas? You’d feel unhappy finding the shutters closed on Christmas Eve. To evade such a situation, we have mentioned the Kroger Christmas Eve Hours here. Catch a glimpse!

Is Kroger Open On Christmas Eve And Day?

Christmas 2023 is almost here! If you’re running short of some essential goods and supplies and thinking to rush out to the nearest grocery store, just consider Kroger. Is Kroger Open On Christmas Eve? Kroger is one of the popular retail companies that has set up copious supermarkets and multi-department outlets in the United States. This prevalent retail store was established in the year 1883 in Ohio, US. It’s one of the oldest retail companies in the country headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Kroger Christmas Hours
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Since its establishment, Kroger has expanded its network across 2850 locations throughout the United States. Among them, there are 129 Kroger jewelers in the country. Kroger is the largest supermarket operator in the United States in terms of revenue. Kroger is the 5th largest general retailer in the United States. Kroger sells a slew of branded products in a variety of departments including electronics, home appliances, kitchen & dining, personal care, beauty products, health & wellness, beverages, wine, frozen food, groceries, and more. 

Is Kroger Open On Christmas Day? Kroger will remain closed on Christmas Day i.e., on 25th December 2023. On 24th December 2023, Kroger will remain open and operational. Though it is not full good news for all the customers, it may be a piece of partial happy news for Kroger consumers. But, before driving to the local Kroger store, it’s better to find out the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Business Hours. Let’s take a look at Kroger Christmas Hours on the special eve.

Kroger Christmas Eve Hours 2023

Exploring the Kroger Christmas Eve Hours 2023? On regular days, Kroger will operate from 07:00 AM to 10:00 PM i.e., from Sunday to Monday. Meanwhile, Kroger pharmacy stores will operate between 08:00 AM and 08:00 PM from Monday to Friday on regular days. On Saturday and Sunday, Kroger pharmacy stores will operate between 09:00 AM/10:00 AM and 06:00 PM.   On Christmas Eve, most of the Kroger stores and pharmacies will be closed by 06:00 PM.

On 24th December 2023, Kroger will start its business operations at 08:00 AM and wraps up by 06:00 PM. Kroger Christmas Eve Hours will be between 08:00 AM and 06:00 PM. However, not all Kroger stores will operate with similar working hours on Christmas Eve. As there is a slight variation in the operating hours of Kroger across various store locations, try to contact the corresponding store representative. 

Kroger Christmas Day Hours

Throughout the year, Christmas Day i.e., December 25, 2023, is the only day that Kroger closes its shutters. Kroger doesn’t operate its business on Christmas Day every year. On most holidays, Kroger likely remains open but with slightly diminished business hours. However, on Christmas Day, Kroger will remain closed across all the store locations. As the store remains closed on Christmas Day, there’s no point in finding the Kroger Christmas Day Hours

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