Is Meijer Open On Christmas Eve 2023? Meijer Christmas Day Hours

Have you planned your Christmas shopping? Christmas Eve is approaching very soon. As only a few days are left for the special occasion, you may be worried about the festive arrangements. If you haven’t done your grocery shopping, new outfits, household essentials, etc., to date, Meijer is there for you, shoppers. Meijer is a perfect one-stop destination for all those who are thinking to purchase required grocery supplies, footwear, sparkling outfits, electronics, jewelry, furniture, and more on Christmas Eve. Wondering about ‘Is Meijer Open On Christmas’ or not? To ensure that you spend quality time with your friends and family members on Christmas Eve, try to confirm the Meijer Christmas Eve Hours. Here is a quick rundown for the Meijer Christmas Hours that helps you purchase essential grocery items or other products on Christmas. Have a look!

Is Meijer Open On Christmas Eve And Day?

Thinking to prepare tasty cookies for Christmas? But, if you don’t have the required ingredients to prepare cookies on Christmas Eve & Day, you need to rush out to the nearest Meijer store. Is Meijer Open On Christmas Day? It’s important to find out whether Meijer is open or not on this special occasion. Before determining the Meijer Christmas Hours, get to know more about this store. Meijer is a popular supercenter chain in the United States that has its headquarters in Walker, Michigan. 

Originally, Meijer was established in the year 1934 as a supermarket chain in Greenville, Michigan, US. Meijer has grabbed the attention of lakhs of customers for its modern supercenter concept rolled out in 1962. Since its evolution, Meijer has set up more than 259 grocery stores and 208 gas stations across the US. Out of the total number of stores, 253 stores are situated in Michigan while the remaining are operated in Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, and other states. In terms of revenue, Meijer is one of the largest retail outlets in the US.

Meijer sells a wide variety of products across its stores that include grocery items, footwear, clothing, furniture, jewelry, health & beauty products, electronics, and a lot more. Is Meijer Open On Christmas? Well, Meijer remains open on Christmas Eve i.e., on 24th December 2023. But, Meijer will be closed on Christmas Day i.e., on 25th December 2023. In this post, we have provided complete information about the Meijer Christmas Hours. Read on!

Meijer Christmas Eve Hours 2023

Meijer is one of the largest grocery stores in the United States which remains extremely busy during holidays. If you want to head out to the nearest Meijer store in the US on Christmas Eve, try to confirm the Meijer Christmas Eve Hours 2023 beforehand. On regular days, Meijer stores will operate from 06:00 AM to 12:00 AM i.e., from Monday to Sunday. On Christmas Eve i.e., on December 24, 2022, Meijer will be operated with limited business hours.

Meijer Christmas Eve Hours will be between 06:00 AM and 07:00 PM. Unlike regular operational days, Meijer will run its festive business with reduced hours. What Time Does Meijer Close On Christmas Eve? On 24th December 2023, Meijer will wrap up its business by 07:00 PM. Before Meijer closes its shutters at 07:00 PM on Christmas Eve, make sure you finish your Christmas shopping as early as possible. We still advise all the shoppers out there to verify the Meijer Christmas Eve Hours before hitting the store. 

Meijer Christmas Day Hours

As mentioned earlier, Meijer remains closed on Christmas Day i.e., on December 25, 2023. As the largest grocery store in the US remains closed on Christmas Day, there’s no question in knowing the Meijer Christmas Day Hours. If you have anything vital to purchase on Christmas Day, you can visit other popular grocery stores in the US that remain operational on the occasion. To stay blissful on Christmas Day without any worries, try to stock up your home with the essential grocery supplies on or before Christmas Eve. 

Final Words

Hope this article about ‘Is Meijer Open On Christmas’ has given adequate information. If you have any queries or doubts about this post, feel free to ask us in the comments space. Stay tuned to our website SalesHours for more information about the business hours of various retail stores, restaurants, and more across the US.

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