Is Meijer Open on New Year’s Day 2024? Meijer New Year’s Eve Hours

Looking to buy some last-minute goodies? A myriad of convenience stores across the United States will be available to customers on major holidays. Still, Meijer has a significant place among the popular superstores in the nation. Is Meijer Open on New Year’s Day? If you are a frequent customer of Meijer then, you might be anxious to find out whether the store remains open or not on New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Eve is almost here and everyone is highly excited about the big day. To make your new year bash a big hit, you need to purchase the essential items in advance. Go grab your required products at the nearest Meijer store once you get to know the store operating days and Meijer Hours New Year’s Day 2024. Check it out!

Is Meijer Open on New Year’s Day and Eve?

Is Meijer Open on New Year’s Eve? As Meijer is a widely popular retail store in the US, it remains open on all major holidays. Meijer is an all-in-one supercenter that fulfills all your needs. From fresh foods and groceries to stylish outfits and high-end electronics, Meijer has everything at affordable prices. Founded in the year 1934, Meijer has developed to a greater extent that it has expanded its wings across the United States. 

With more than 250 convenience stores and almost 208 gas stations across various locations, Meijer delivers exceptional services to its customers. The major products available at Meijer include groceries, apparel, health & beauty products, electronics, housewares, furniture, jewelry, and a lot more. Gradually, Meijer has acquired 13th rank on Forbes as America’s Largest Private Company. 

Meijer comes with exclusive deals and festive discounts on selected products on New Year’s Eve. Hence, people tend to visit the local Meijer store to grab their preferred products that are on fabulous offers. Wondering about ‘Is Meijer Open on New Year’s Day?’ Well, you are on the lucky side, shoppers! Meijer remains open on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day across all its stores in the US. Mostly, the Meijer stores across various locations remain open and operational on both days during the new year’s occasion. Now, it’s time to find out the Meijer New Years Eve Hours. Scroll down through this post!

Meijer New Year’s Day Hours 2024

The general hours of operation of Meijer across all its stores will be between 06:00 AM and 12:00 AM. These timings will remain the same from Monday to Sunday. Even on New Year’s Day, i.e., on 01 January 2024, all Meijer stores will start their business at 06:00 AM and ends at 12:00 AM. The Meijer New Years Day Hours 2024 will be no different from the regular business hours of the largest store. If you are a last-minute shopper, try to figure out the nearby store operational hours by calling the store representative beforehand. 

Meijer New Year’s Eve Hours

Wondering about the Meijer New Years Eve Hours? On 31st December 2023, i.e., on New Year’s Eve which falls on Sunday this year, Meijer’s business hours will remain the same as the normal working days. Although New Year’s Eve celebrations kickstart at midnight on 31st December, the Meijer store operates till the neck of the time. It’s because of the eleventh-hour shoppers who rush out to the store to purchase fine wine or a bottle of champagne to welcome the New Year 2024. Meijer New Years Hours will remain between 06:00 AM and 12:00 AM. Customers who visit Meijer can get an incredible shopping experience on New Year’s Eve. 

Final Words

Well, this is all you need to understand about the Meijer New Years Eve Hours. As you got the precise answer to your doubt ‘Is Meijer Open on New Year’s Day?, you can now proceed to shop at Meijer in the best way possible. If you have any other queries about this article, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments space. We try to clarify your doubts as soon as possible. Until then, stay in touch with our website SalesHours for more information about various stores and their business hours during major holidays.

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