Is Ralphs Open On Christmas Eve 2023? Ralphs Christmas Day Hours

Christmas 2023 is almost here. Most people kickstart their Christmas Eve arrangements at least 10 days before the arrival of the occasion. Despite making prior arrangements like purchasing groceries, decorating the home, buying outfits, and more, people may still forget some crucial grocery items for the celebration. Don’t worry! Ralphs is the perfect supermarket chain in the United States that allows its customers to buy last-minute goods with much ease. Is Ralphs Open on Christmas Eve? Ralphs is a perfect one-stop destination that fulfills all your shopping glitches. As Christmas is a federal holiday, the public may wonder whether Ralphs is open or not on this occasion. Through this article, we’ve mentioned the precise details about the Ralphs Christmas Eve Hours. Have a look!

Is Ralphs Open On Christmas Eve And Day?

Is Ralphs Open on Christmas? Ralphs is a well-known supermarket chain in the United States. The headquarters of Ralphs is located in Compton, California, United States. Ralphs retail supermarket has set up more than 189 stores across different parts of Southern California in the US. Originally, Ralphs was established in the year 1873 in Los Angeles. George Ralphs is the founder of the Ralphs supermarket. This supermarket was named after the founder’s name.

Ralphs Christmas Hours
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Ralphs is the largest subsidiary of Cincinnati-based Kroger. Kroger is the parent company of Ralphs. Ralphs sells a wide variety of products in different departments that include bakery items, dairy products, frozen foods, grocery supplies, pharmacy, seafood, snacks, meat, liquor, and more. Ralphs sells a plethora of products from popular brands that include Home Chef, Simple Truth, Private Selection, Kroger Brand, and more.

Is Ralphs Open Christmas Day? No, the Ralphs supermarket remains closed on Christmas Day i.e., on 25th December 2023. However, the Ralphs retail store will be open on Christmas Eve i.e., on December 24, 2023. People seeking to visit the Ralphs store on Christmas Eve to buy last-minute goods must figure out the Ralphs Christmas Hours beforehand. 

Ralphs Christmas Eve Hours 2023

Exploring the Ralphs Christmas Eve Hours? On general days i.e., from Monday to Friday, Ralphs store will operate its retail outlets from 07:00 AM to 12:00 AM. Even on Saturday and Sunday, the Ralphs stores operate with similar business hours. On Christmas Eve, the Ralphs supermarket chain operates with reduced business hours. On December 24, 2023, Ralphs store will open its doors early and wraps up its business operations a little early than usual. 

Speaking about the Ralphs Christmas Eve Hours, Ralphs will open at 06:00 AM and closes by 10:00 PM. On Christmas Eve, all the Ralphs pharmacy stores will be closed by 05:00 PM. If you are seeking to visit the Ralphs store on Christmas Eve, make sure you confirm the store hours by calling the corresponding store executives before hitting the outlet in your location. 

Ralphs Christmas Day Hours

Is Ralphs Open on Christmas Day 2023? Well, the popular Ralphs supermarket will remain shut on December 25 this year. Considering the Christmas day celebrations, the Ralphs store authorities will announce it as a holiday to its employees. If you’re planning to visit the Ralphs retail store on Christmas Day to buy a few last-minute supplies, you will be disappointed as the store remains closed. Try to plan your visit to the nearest Ralphs store on Christmas Eve itself. As Ralphs remains closed on Christmas Day, there’s no need in finding the Ralphs Christmas Day Hours


That’s all! This is everything you need to know about the Ralphs Christmas Eve Hours. Hopefully, this article has given adequate information about the working hours of Ralphs on Christmas Eve and Day. If you have any doubts about this article, let us know in the comments section. Stay tuned to our website for more articles related to the operational hours of popular restaurants, retail outlets, and more.

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